Nikhilananda Prabhu

Nikhilananda das
In Gedenken an unseren lieben Freund, Gottbruder und Devotee Nikhilananda Prabhu, der uns immer eine Inspiration war im hingebungsvollen Dienst zu Krishna.

Srila Prabhupada: "I so hope at the time of your death you were remembering Krishna and as such, you have been promoted to the eternal association of Krishna. If not, if you had any tinge of material desire, you have gone to the celestial kingdom to live with the demigods for many thousands of years and enjoy the most opulent life of material existence. From there you can promote yourself to the spiritual world. But even if one fails to promote himself to the spiritual world, at that time he comes down again on the surface of this globe and takes birth in a big family like a yogis' or a brahmanas' or an aristocratic family, where there is again chance of reviving Krishna Consciousness. But as you were hearing Krishna-kirtana, I am sure that you were directly promoted to Krishna-loka. ... Krishna has done a great favour to you, not to continue your diseased body, and has given you a suitable place for your service. Thank you very much." Your ever well-wisher, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

Nachruf von Atmavidya Das

Nikhilananda das (Nikolay Jankowsky) left this world on July 11, 2019, around 4 pm.

Farewell, dear Brother and Fearless Soldier.

With deep sadness I learned of your passing from this world. A full eulogy would perhaps be in order. However, I am not able to write one at present as my mood just two days after your departure is one of contemplation and quiet prayers. I am therefore happy that Padmapani Prabhu already wrote a wonderful piece about your time together in the Middle East, and war torn Beirut/Lebanon in particular – risking your neck in the service of our spiritual master, along with the other members of the crew.

Nikhilananda PrabhuThe last few days I am reflecting on our times together. And we go back a long way. Although we never spent long periods together in our service, we always met up somewhere in the world – immediately engaged in long conversations on our philosophy and the glories of our spiritual master. And many times, it was purely adventurous – such as the occasion when I was hiding you from the police at my parent’s house, after our main centre had been raided.

When I was still a regular guest at the Hamburg temple, you did join the movement against all odds and adversities. Not even being of legal age. I always admired you for that – going to school every day with shaved head and full Vaishnava attire. Wow! – I thought, he is younger than me, and he is taking up Krishna consciousness with full determination. That determination and fearlessness remained and grew with you throughout your life. Sure, you could be very stubborn in your opinions – but that is true to all intelligent persons. So, we did not agree on every single issue in regard to the institution and certain individuals. But that is a moot point now as you have moved on.

Personally, I have no idea how others seem to know the destination of departed devotees, I do not feel qualified for that. But one thing I am certain of: You must be with our beloved Śrīla Prabhupāda at this time – somewhere in time and space, and hopefully beyond that. And that is all we desire, don’t we? How sublimely wonderful it was when we were in the physical presence of our spiritual master! It was almost a mood of “Vaikuntha can wait.”
We will meet again if and when our Lordships Śrī Śrī Rādhā-Kṛṣṇa so desire.

Atmavidya das
July 13, 2019

Obituary of the devotees for Nikhilananda Prabhu

From Vrindadevi Dasi: 08-Jul-2019

All glories to Srila Prabhupada! - Dear devotees, please accept our most humble obeisances in this crucial

We had some wonderful weeks close to Sri Prahlada- Nrsimhadeva -- many ups and downs healthwise -- but steady Krishna-katha and sadhu-sanga. We feel very blessed and grateful.

Now the time has arrived to say god bye. It is a happy end. He had no pain during the last five weeks -- it was like a big festival of loving exchanges.

Due to mucus on his lungs he cannot eat or drink without suffocating, so he is fasting now for five days already (only half a liter infusion). The devotees are doing 24h Kirtan and Japa, reading, etc. The atmosphere is peaceful and serene.

Hare Krishna, servant of the servant
Vrindadevi Dasi (Wife of Nikhilananda)

From Vaidyanath Das: 12-Jul-2019

Dear Prabhus. Please accept my obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Akhila Prabhu just now confirmed that our beloved godbrother Nikhilanda Prabhus left his body yesterday 11 July 2019 around 4 pm in the company of his wife Vrindadevi. The couple had spent the last days in their apartment in Altreichenau near the Simhachalam farm community.

Nikhilananda PrabhuEarlier that day, devotees had visited them, exchanged memories about Nikhilananda Prabhu's service and chanting the Holy Name. After their visit, a group of Simhachalam Devotees including temple president had been visiting. Just after the devotees left, Nikhilananda Prabhu made his way to the next world.

Nikhilanda Prabhus last months and days were blessed by the proximity of Srila Prabhupada and Lord Narasimhadeva and the visits of many of his godbrothers. As such, his departure was very auspicious, full of memories of devotional service and Krishna.

There will be a memorial ceremony at the Simhachalam temple on Sunday 14 July, 12 to 2 pm.

The devotees will also serve out a prasadam feast for his 62nd birthday. The celebration will probably be live streamed on In the beginning of next week, there will be another funeral service at the crematorium, and the ashes will be taken to the holy rivers in India. We are collecting biographical data for an obiturary.

Dear Nikhilananda Prabhu, I am praying to Srila Prabhupada and Krishna that they may remember all the service you did for them and give you the opportunity to take birth in a devotee family. I will also be very happy to again meet you in your future birth so we can share some sangha.

Since we were initiated together by Srila Prabhupada and received the same initiation letter, we have always had a special relationship you being a few fears younger than me by age, but - as I felt - older in spiritual experience. That means that you have already lived many lives as a devotee and experienced many Krishna conscious passages. May this passage coming up sooner or later be the best passage you ever had in terms of Krishna consciousness.

Your servant
Vaidyanath Das

Various offerings for Nikhilananda Prabhu:

Dear Nikhilananda prabhu, Please accept our humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Nikhilananda PrabhuSo your journey in this material world is coming to an end and you have the great fortune of being surrounded by godbrothers and sisters and the holy name. There is certainly the best situation for one who is about to cross the ocean of birth and death.

Although we were all together in Germany for just a few short years, those years were so formative in our Krsna consciousness. We were one big family and still remain so. And we will again meet as a family with Srila Prabhupada in our eternal dwelling. May full blessings be yours on your journey back home, back to Krsna! Hare Krsna.

Be blessed with full Krsna consciousness at this last stage, so that your onward journey be smooth and auspicious.

Hope to meet you soon again, Krsna willing, on the other side of the Viraja river, or wherever the Lord wants us to be in Srila Prabhupada's service.

Nikhilananda Prabhus Last Days

From Nikhilananda Dasa and Vrindadevi Dasi: 01-Jun-2019

All glories to Srila Prabhupada! Dear devotees, please accept my humble obeisances.

Here is an update on my husband´s /Nikhilananda Prabhu´s current health condition, after a short recap:

Shortly before last Christmas, during the book distribution marathon, Nikhilananda Prabhu was diagnosed to have a malefic brain tumor, which caused his left arm and left leg to be paralyzed. In January he successfully underwent an open head surgery at the Universitätsklinik Regensburg and the tumor was removed to a large degree. He completed six weeks radiation therapy by the end of April and is supposed to recover for one month, before further treatments can be administered. Meanwhile we moved our belongings from Tegernsee (where we lived during the past three and a half years) to a small apartment near the Simhachalam community, Bavarian forest. We arrived just in time for the Nrisimha Caturdasi festival and were allowed to stay in the guesthouse to be close to the festivities. Most of the time Prabhu stayed in bed, feeling exhausted from the therapy and the journey. He enjoyed listening intensely to the Kirtan going on and on in the temple, just outside his window. Twice he came out in his wheelchair, once to circumambulate the temple and to witness the Parikrama of Sri Sri Laksmi Nrsimhadeva ( -- for the first time he agreed to join the fun of going underneath the palanquin) on Friday night. The second time he came on Sunday out to sit with his Godbrothers for lunch, though he had no appetite. All of a sudden the weather changed from sunshine to stormy rain and we all had to rush inside.

Nikhilananda Prabhu

After the Nrsimha festival Nikhilananda Prabhu´s mood changed: He is ready to leave this body behind. And now things are moving fast. The nurses give him only a couple of weeks. He stopped eating and drinking for a couple of days; He got pain killers (because of pain, due to digestion failure over a week) and slept mostly. Devotees did kirtan, day and night.

Once he woke up and prayed aloud: "O Sri Sri Gaura Nitay, please forgive me!" Everything seemed very peaceful and auspicious. He found peace with himself. And he said good bye to many godbrothers, godsisters, and younger devotees during the festival and the days after. He sees that his contribution is appreciated and it will be built upon by new generations. He accepted, that he can continue his service in the next place and body. We are all happy for him, that he seems to let go and relax. Then, last Sunday morning one senior brahmacari, Amrita Karan Prabhu, visited Simhachalam and gave Bhagavatam class. I happened to be there (the boys gradually take over with nursing Nikhilananda Prabhu -- so that I can recharge my spiritual and physical batteries in the temple). I immediately felt Amrita Karan Prabhu had the same "wave length" like my husband, so I requested him to do some Krishna-katha in our little apartment in the afternoon. This was the right revival method: Nikhilananda Prabhu lifted his hand in Kirtan and started to sing along.

Later he asked for blessings to continue with his mission of book translation and publication (ALL languages of the world) -- and he decided to try to survive this test. So, the mood changed again into "survival mode" -- and Nikhilananda Prabhu´s body responded favorably: His feeling of thirst returned, his digestion reacted to the "final Ayurveda test" of tamarind and after 12 days of painful constipation he eventually relieved himself. Now he is free from pain, still week but slowly regaining appetite. Still, he got signs from Krishna, that he may leave, soon. Please pray for us, so that we may pass this last test in happy Krishna consciousness. So far, it feels like a big festival, so many devotees around us, giving love and gratitude and practical assistance. You are all welcome to visit us any time. Contact: 0176 763 97528 Here are some words of my husband, addressing all of you: "Mean my wife have been feeling unlimited gratitude for your benevolence and kindness, in trying to help us onward. We will try not to forget about our promise to never give up. As Krishna devotees, once we accept a challenge, we cannot take it back. We hold no title on your generosity. If you wish to pray for us, this is the mood and content of our prayer: "Dear Srila Prabhupada, dear Sri Sri Radha-Krishna, now that we seem to prepare for the last test, we bow down to Your lotus feet. Thank you for allowing me to hear about and spread Your glories in this lifetime. I had such a wonderful life. And ISKCON devotees are the best! Please help us to always remember you in all circumstances. And if there is anything left for me to do in this body, please help me to do improperly, before the time passes away. If you so desire, please forgive any offenses or neglect, which we might have committed in this life. We do not remember having any claim to anything. You have given me so much more than I have ever expected. Thank you for having reduced the physical pain to tolerable degrees. It feels very purifying.

CC Adi 14.1: "Things that are very difficult to do become easy to execute if one somehow or other simply remembers Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. But if one does not remember Him, even easy things become very difficult. To this Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu I offer my respectful obeisances.” Hare Krishna! Jaya Prahlada-Nrsimhadeva!

Your humble servants
Nikhilananda Dasa and Vrindadevi Dasi

Nachruf von Vrindadevi Dasi

Kleine Ergänzung zum glückverheißenden Dahinscheiden meines geliebten Ehemannes:

NikhilanandaKurz vor seinen letzten Atemzügen öffnete er (nach 3 Tagen zum ersten Mal und) zum letzten Mal die Augen und schaute nach rechts oben und weinte. Es waren drei Devotees übrig geblieben, von stundenlangem Kirtanund vorlesen, Japa chanten (-- das ging schon seit Wochen vor sich, und Tag und NachtSrila Prabhupada Kirtan und Japa oder lectures.) Er hat mir vorher schon versichert, dass es ihm reicht, wenn nurein Devotee bei ihm ist und ihm Bhagavatam vorliest im letzten Moment. So merkten wir, dass sein Atem unregelmäßig und schwer wurde und wir chanteten intensiv den Maha-mantra, gaben ihm Tulasi und Gangeswasser in den Mund und zeigten ihm seine Lieblingsdeities: Sri Sri Rukmini-Dvarakadisha (aus LA, Sankirtan Headquarters). Dann schloss er die Augen und ging mit einem friedlichen Lächeln auf den Lippen. Ich las ihm noch die gewünschte Stelle aus dem 2. Canto vor: die Gebete Sukadeva Goswamis (SB. 1.4.12.ff). Wir waren alle ganz gefasst und feierlich... Kurz darauf kamen alle Tempel-Devotees und haben sehr liebevoll Kirtan gemacht und Erfahrungen und Gebete mitgeteilt. Es war schon seit Nrsimha-caturdasi (17. Mai bis 11. Juli ) wie ein wunderbares Festival und ein heiliger Pilgerort in unserer Wohnung mit zwei Tulasi-Pflänzchen und dem Srimad Bhagavatam auf dem Altar...

Ich bin sehr dankbar, dass ich bis zum Schluss dabei sein durfte und dass es so kam wie er es sich gewünscht hatte... wenn auch nicht direkt auf dem Schlachtfeld des Predigens, so doch immerhin in einer sehr aktiven Sravanam-Kirtanam Atmosphäre. Als der Körper abgeholt wurde kam in dem Moment die Sonne hinter den Wolken hervor und ich empfand es als ein Zeichen, dass er gut abgeholt worden ist. Auch nach der Gedenk-und Gebutstagsfeier drei Tage später gab es noch ein divya-snana, einen göttlichen Regenschauer mit gleichzeitigem Sonnenschein und einem Regenbogen. Es war ein Happy End: Er hat es geschafft! Jetzt hat er gewiss einen wunderbaren Service-Platz bekommen.

Nikhilananda Prabhu

Übrigens haben zwei Devotee-Freundinnen, die uns sehr nahe stehen, unabhängig voneinander gemeldet, dass sie genau zu der Zeit, als er verschied, ein Buch verteilen durften...Und ein Vollzeit-Sankirtan Devotee der Farm hatte eine Begegnung mit einem besonderen Menschen, der ihn zu dem Zeitpunkt sehr verdächtig an Nikhilananda Prabhu erinnerte...

Nikhilanada's Preaching in Beirut


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