20 Years Of Harikesa Rule In Austria
von Rammohan das (ACBSP)
Srila Prabhupada und Rammohan das
Srila Prabhupada with Rammohan Prabhu

20 Years Of Harikesa Rule In Austria
April 17, 1999 - BY RAMMOHAN DAS

Krishna Consciousness in Austria after 20 years of Harikesa's rule. I am a disciple of Srila Prabhupada since 1972 and serving Prabhupada's mission in Austria since 1982. The reason why here in one of the most beautiful countries of Europe there is no real temple, no farm and no association among the large number of devotees which joined and left since the departure of Srila Prabhupada is, that here the devotees where told over and over again for the last 20 years by Harikesa and his secretaries that there is no way to act legally. You have to disobey the laws of state in order to spread Krishna-consciousness.

This bogus and devotee-killing strategy which everybody believed was not "wait, we are working on a solution", but an immoral strain without end. Devotees left burnt out due to constant pressure of selling books and make money like criminals. New devotees joined and where "taught" the same rubbish: "You are a pioneer-saint, you don't need any permission which we anyway don't get from this stupid government." Usually after 2 or three years they lost complete faith in such kind of leadership and left without ever being heart of. A never-ending fear of being exposed by police and media extinguished the fire of spreading Srila Prabhupada's mission in an expanding manner like Italy, Switzerland, Yugoslavia, Spain, France, Poland, Hungary, Belgium, etc. Prabhupada's philosophy is to always find a Krishna- conscious solution and that there is no problem which can't be solved. But why the GBC seemed to remain stuck? The answer is very simple.

All the illegal collected Laxmi from Austria was secretly transferred to Switzerland and "legalized" in the Zurich Temple and than sent back as "legal donation" from the Krishna Foundation Switzerland. Since the hard working Austrian devotees where collecting millions of dollars you might gradually understand that quite a big amount of Laxmi remained in Zurich temple. In contrast the Swiss leaders liked to do this kind of service of "helping" the Austrians to "wash" their money. "Why do you need all of your money back, you have no legal status there anyway and can't spent it for bigger projects".

Additionally the BBT-price was constantly pushed up. During one visit in Vienna Harikesa took 70.000.-US Dollars with him, claiming that would be BBT debt. Today you will find in Switzerland big expensive temple buildings, a big farm, other properties and a huge community of happy devotees.

(They even laugh about their guru's fall in maya and call him bhakta Robert).

Right now when I reflect on the situation here in Austria after so much work of so many devotees after so many years we find ourselves like in the year 1975 right at the very beginning. A 60 sqm rented place in the worst part of Vienna, 3 devotees, 3 bhaktas. And as final topping: All the surrounding temples send lots of their Sankirtan devotees just for making quick money, because the people of Austria are known of giving bigger donations.

My humble request to the present GBC and other leading devotees who feel themselves concerned is to find a solution of justice for this spiritually mistreated beautiful country in the heart of Europe and start together to work out a solution for building a representative temple and farm for Srila Prabhupada, Gaura-Nitai and a big number of hiding devotees who lost complete faith in proper spiritual leadership.

Monika and Robert alias Harikesha

Cheater Or Cheated?

May 1, 1999 - BY RAM MOHAN DAS
A Report from Harikes's Zone

Srila Prabhupada would sometimes compare this material existence to a big and vast unconquerable ocean. Devotional service, however, causing that same ocean becoming as small as the water in the hoofprint of a calf. You simply step over it without almost recognizing that tiny little amount of water. During one morning walk Srila Prabhupada made everybody laugh by saying if you want to cross the atlantic ocean by taking hold of a dogs tail that wont be a good idea. He compares an unqualified so called guru with a dog's tail and the person using this tail as not really sincere or ignorant. Srila Prabhupada also used the example if you want to buy gold you have to know the process to examine if the pure gold is pure or maybe something else.

If you want to buy a diamond you again have to know the science of what a real stone is and what's a useless copie. If you buy a house you cannot go afterwards to court and claim the house is no good. You have to check it out before. Better, if You are totaly blind don't blame anyone but yourself. On the other hand, if someone knocks at your door and says 'I have a golden watch for you to buy' and later on, after you bought from this man you find yourself cheated, you can't even tell to police what happened. They may fine you and call you a criminal yourself for buying from an unauthorized person.

Here in northern Europe all the followers of Harikesa seem to be traumatized by what happened with their big leader. After 20 years of initating 4283 disciples and presenting himself as a guru of our parampara he was considered to be at least a madhyama - adhikary.

But does anyone of his followers have the right to say Harikesa cheated us, we are victims of a bhogus guru and he spoiled our spiritual life?

The answer is very simple: No! In all the sastra it is exclusively mentioned if you are searching for a bonafide spiritual master you should find an uttama-adhikary (above suspicion of falling down) and receive initation only from him. Who is worse, the cheater or the cheated? Would Srila Prabhupada comment 'one blind man follows another blind man and both are falling in the ditch.' Instead of starting a campaign to humbly beg for forgiveness to more than 100 Prabhupada disciples, that were kicked out in Harikesas zone, all his regional secretaries, temple presidents and sannyasa disciples now propagade the position that his followers are actually the mistreated victims.

This mentality should be exposed. There is no difference whatsoever between Harikesa (he insists on being called 'Robert') and his followers unless they step down, admit their fault and use whatever amount of power there might be left to stop destroying Srila Prabhupadas movement in Europe.

The Harikesh Saga

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